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We carry the dust of our journey’s and if we inhale enough of it, we become the road.
Dust resurrects, with the help of Sister Wind…..


I wanted the music to sound like a scratchy old record from 1905, the year this footage was taken. 1905, an innocent time,9 years before the fortunes of Berlin started...

WAR { Sophia Musik}

Now that the WAR is upon us, we must take great care in how we communicate.Become patternless.Hide within your creations. Every move, every keystroke, every expression...


Your mind is a volcano, churning, burning, bubbling forth. Original thoughts can be considered a pyroclastic flow from brain to exterior. Erupt. Consume.Melt. Flow. Your...

{Oculus} Sophia Musik.

Eye Spy…
Updated mix from Sophia Musik.
All anger originates in need
My tribulation began 73110

{The Next Mozart!}

Mozart is a island of relaxation for adults, but an instrument of terror for children.
There is no next Mozart. Quit traumatizing your progeny!