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Life is a blurry circus…..
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{Tithonus} Sophia Musik

For my friend AGS, who has stood by me. Videographer Brian Word The woods decay, the woods decay and fall, The vapours weep their burthen to the ground, Man comes and...

{Hummingbird} Sophia Musik

Your heart beats as you chase your next nectar, just enough nutrition to keep your wings beating a hurricane speed….
I see you….
Can you see me?

{Speer} Sophia Musik

A reckoning is coming.
There is no place to hide.
Someone has marvelously bequeathed a nightmare that unfolds shortly.


We carry the dust of our journey’s and if we inhale enough of it, we become the road.
Dust resurrects, with the help of Sister Wind…..


I wanted the music to sound like a scratchy old record from 1905, the year this footage was taken. 1905, an innocent time,9 years before the fortunes of Berlin started...

WAR { Sophia Musik}

Now that the WAR is upon us, we must take great care in how we communicate.Become patternless.Hide within your creations. Every move, every keystroke, every expression...


Your mind is a volcano, churning, burning, bubbling forth. Original thoughts can be considered a pyroclastic flow from brain to exterior. Erupt. Consume.Melt. Flow. Your...